Update of the 8-step Category Management process


Together with leading companies in Category Management, a team of experts from GS1 Germany has updated the standardised 8-step Category Management process. Learn all about the new content and the changes compared to the previous workflow.

The webinar series consists of four sessions, each between 60-90 minutes and available on-demand - when and where it suits you best.

We start in a first session with an overview of all essential changes along the eight process steps. Followed by three follow-up sessions, so-called deep dives. In the deep dives, you will be informed in more detail about the essential changes in the affected process steps.

It is recommended to start with the first session for an overview of the changes and adaptions before taking part in one of the more in-depth sessions.

Overview: The 8-step Category Management process - what's NEW?

  • Background and motivation for updating the CM process
  • Comparison “old” vs. “new” process
  • Overview of the major changes
  • Outlook on the deep dives

Deep Dive 1: Category insights & definition and role

  • The importance and function of category insights
  • Introduction of the additional category role: "trend”
  • Impact of the category role "trend" on the category tactics

Deep Dive 2: Category assessment and strategic target setting

  • Realisation of current growth potential
  • Deriving the category vision
  • Introduction to the category strategy matrix

Deep Dive 3: Category tactics

  • Major changes in category tactics
  • Introduction to the complementary method in the assortment optimisation, the cumulative penetration
  • Introduction to the category tactics “promotion & communication”