About us

GS1 Germany: Global Standards. Make Business Efficient.

Our business is making your business more efficient. Standards make it possible to automate and simplify processes throughout the value chain.

The world is networked. Markets are complex, and the flow of goods and information never ceases.

Business transactions and processes are subjected to tremendous time and cost pressures, and it is only when market participants are able to coordinate their activities with one another, pool their resources and interlink their processes that they can achieve lasting success.

GS1 Germany sets the standards

In order to do these things, companies must be able to speak the same language: the language of uniform standards. Common standards for the identification of mechanise or for communications throughout the value chain are a key foundation for any successful business relationship.

GS1 Germany oversees the development and implementation of open, multi-sector standards that are valid worldwide. We also use these standards as the basis for our process and application recommendations. We support companies in a variety of sectors in their efforts to implement these standards while also identifying solutions for increased value creation.

Thanks to our practical courses of training and specialist events, GS1 Germany is able to secure the transfer of expertise between all market participants. Consultation and services that are geared to our customers’ requirements go hand in hand with the successful implementation of efficient processes within their companies.