EDI-Guideline CashCom V2.0

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Beschreibung Anwendungsempfehlung für die Adaption von GS1 Standards für die Bargeldakteure im Handel, Banken, Wertdienstleister und Technik-/ Softwareanbieter in englischer Sprache.
GS1 Standards include globally used Auto-ID and EDI communication systems to operate the cash supply chain more secure and efficient. Central Banks in Europe adopt the GS1 Standards to organize their cash handling processes with connected banks, retailers and CiTs. In future the commercial players will profit by implementing the GS1 Standards to their cash cycle end to end. GS1 Standards will be state-of-the-art and key element supporting automation technologies and IT systems. This GS1 Best Practice Manual for Cash Logistics outlines an enhancement to the Harmonised European Message Guides for Cash Handling by GS1 Europe. Interoperability principals along the cash supply chain will be completed and assured. This GS1 Germany document is based on the GS1 XML Standards Version 3.x issued by GS1 Global Office.