GS1 Hackathon 2020 - Boosting radically honest products with AI and data


GS1 Hackathon 2020: Boosting radically honest products with AI

The main purpose of this Hackathon is to design better and more mindful products with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Current worldwide problems like global warming, scarcity of raw materials, child labor; are very real and are changing the way people consume and engage with products. Consumers are becoming more aware of how their patterns of consumption might make a difference, and are demanding transparent and sustainable products. This poses an opportunity for producers to engage in completely different ways with their consumers. 

You may ask: Why is GS1 in Europe hosting such a Hackathon? GS1 is a not for profit standards organisation, most well-known for our best seller: “The Barcode”. With it, digitalising product information became fairly easy, and standardising product-related Information, became our daily business. Our Standards pave the road for interoperability in a very complex ecosystem made of thousands of different suppliers and retailers. We’re keen on learning what AI means for the future of products, and we would love to develop solutions together with YOU! 

Challenge Categories

This Hackathon will focus on three main topics:

  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition
  • Personalisation/Individualisation

Which should be solved using the following technologies:

  •  Computer Vision/AR/VR
  •  Text mining
  •  Atrify API/ AutoID Labs EatFit API
Target Audience

Because the Hackathon will be spitted in two main design streams (technical Prototyping and Concept), we look forward to welcome people with various skillsets, such as:

  • Techies
  • Developers
  • Conceptualists

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