Training course Certified GS1 Category Manager®

GS1 Germany Knowledge Center, Köln

The substantive guidelines are the uniform standards of ECR category management. In the following modules, all stages of the CM 8-steps process are worked out.

CM base station (4 training days)

13. - 16.10.2020

This module explains the basics of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), gives the participants an overview of category management and the strategic coordination, which takes place between the project partners. The process steps 1 to 4 (category definition, category role, category assessment and category targets) are explained in detail. The participants will take part in various workshops on IT and data management solutions as expert presentations. Approximately one day is needed for an exercise conducted as homework.

CM base camp (4 training days)

03. - 06.11.2020

The base camp includes the CM process steps 5 to 8 (category strategies, category implementation and category review). The participants review the process steps 1-4 through a presentation of their exercises from the homework. Further expert workshops are held and the preparation of the final exam is starting. The participants will get a detailed explanation of the exam modalities and an alignment of the individual themes for the written examination will take place. In order to prepare for the final exam, approximately 5 days are needed, but this is very individual.

CM summit (1 training day)


In the summit module, the written test takes place and the participants will present their final paper to the ECR expert committee. After successful completion of the final exam, you will receive the certificate "Certified GS1 Category Manager®".

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