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GS1 Germany is an official registration agent for GLEIF accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU) GS1 AISBL (shortly named "GS1")

GS1 is an officially recognised issuing authority for the LEI – Legal Entity Identifier. A 20-digit code to clearly identify legal entities in the global financial market. By now, a LEI is mandatory for anyone conducting so-called OTC (Over the Counter) derivative transactions and required to report to the transaction register, including includes banks, insurance companies and investment funds. This reporting duty is set out in EU Directive “EMIR” and has been in force for the five asset clases credit, interest, FX, commodity and share derivatives since 2014.

Quick and inexpensive application via GS1 Germany

It only takes a few minutes to apply for an LEI via GS1 Germany. First, you need to register on the service page If you are already a customer of GS1 Complete, you are eligible for our special conditions indicated in the current price list.

As soon as your registration is confirmed, you can apply for one or more LEI or arrange the transfer of your LEI to GS1 Germany in our online portal. You will receive your LEI immediately after your data was reviewed by GS1 Germany and synchronized with the international LEI database. Only then will you be charged for our service.

An LEI is valid for one year. You will receive a reminder in time before its expiry. You will then need to actively renew your LEI in the online portal. You can transfer your LEI to GS1 Germany at any time during the year. You will not be charged twice.

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