IFS Certificates even more secure with GS1 GLN

With the introduction of IFS Food version 7, companies in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom need a GLN (Global Location Number). First IFS Assessments using IFS Food version 7 can be carried out from 1st of March, 2021. Starting July 1st, 2021 the new version will be mandatory.

IFS decided to introduce the GLN to simplify the communication between suppliers and retailers and to further optimize the security and verifiability of IFS Certificates. For you, the GLN is an additional feature with which you can prove to your business partners the authenticity of your certification and your compliance with the highest standards.

To achieve this, IFS and GS1 have worked together closely. This cooperation is unique worldwide and sets new standards for even more secure certificates. The global GS1 organization is an official provider of GLNs worldwide.

Special IFS package for your company

We at GS1 Germany have partnered together with IFS Management GmbH to provide you with the perfect package. It consists of two parts: a GLN for your location and the automatic entry of your GLN into the global GS1 database GEPIR. Both are required for certification.

If you already have a GLN, you can of course also use it for certification. The prerequisite is that it is registered in GEPIR and that the company name and address match the information in the certificate exactly.

What is a GLN?

The Global Location Number (GLN for short) is like a fingerprint in national and international business transactions. With a GLN, companies and parts of companies, such as production sites or warehouses, can be clearly identified. A GLNs consists of 13 digits and is the key to company information stored in databases.

Within the scope of IFS Certification, the GLN identifies the location for which a certificate is sought. Since a GLN can only be assigned to one location at a time, you need at least one separate GLN per certification location.

The entry of your GLN in GEPIR confirms its authenticity

GEPIR is a global GS1 database in which companies and their locations can be found via its respective GLN. In this way it can be determined whether you are the actual owner of the GLN named in the certificate. Your GLN is active in GEPIR as long as you are a customer of GS1.

To use a GLN for IFS Certification, it must be registered and active in GEPIR. In addition, the company name and address must correspond exactly with the information in the certificate. Only in this way IFS and your business partners can verify the authenticity of your GLN and certificate.

You already have a GLN and want to use it for certification?

Check now whether your GLN is active in GEPIR

The role of the GLN in the IFS certification process

The GLN appears on the cover page of the assessment report and on the IFS Food Certificate.

During the IFS Assessment, the auditor checks all mandatory information that appears in the assessment report, including the GLN. The validation is carried out via the global GS1 database GEPIR or via the proof of your order at GS1 by invoice. 

GLN for IFS Certification - it's that simple:

Order your GLN

Choose the offer that suits you best and order your GLN conveniently online.

Register in GEPIR

Have your GLN entered directly into GEPIR.

Your GLN is active in GEPIR

Now you are ready for certification!

GLN offers

There are various options available to you, depending on your needs. However, the decisive factor is always for how many locations you need your own certificate and thus your own GLN.

You can order your GLN from your local GS1 organization or GS1 Germany. At GS1 Germany you have the choice between two offers: GLN Type 1 or GS1 Complete.

You have a single location?

Our solution: GLN Type 1

  • Ideal if you only want to certify one location
  • You receive a single GLN for your location
  • How much does the GLN Type 1 cost?
    • Annual fee in the first calendar year of 95.00€
    • Annual fee in the following years of 85.00€
    • plus statutory VAT

Order GLN Typ 1

You have several locations?

Our solution: GS1 Complete

  • Ideal if you want to certify more than one location
  • You will receive a GLN for your company with your order
  • In the next step, using our GLN Manager, you can generate up to 999 sub-GLNs for your individual locations. This service is free of charge for GS1 Complete customers.
  • How much does GS1 Complete cost?
    • Annual fee starting at 150.00€
    • Initial fee of 230.00€
    • plus statutory VAT

Order GS1 Complete

If you would like to order your GLN from your local GS1 organization, you will find a list of all country organizations here. Offers, scope of services and prices may vary.

The advantages of the IFS package

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All-around carefree package of GLN and entry in GEPIR

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No delay in certification due to fast delivery

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Benefit from a strong partnership



Do you have questions about GLN?

Our Customer Service Team is happy to help you.

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e-mail: gln-support @ gs1.de

Do you have questions about the GLN introduction or the IFS certification?

Please feel free to contact the IFS.

e-mail: info @ ifs-certification.com