Platform and network

We actively exchange ideas – globally, in a single language

GS1 Germany coordinates and cooperates: We are a platform for the exchange of expertise on standards and maintain a global network.

The parts of the economy where process optimisation and standards are needed throughout the value chain are clearest to the companies themselves: producers, logistics companies, wholesalers, retailers and service providers.

We act as both a driving force and a moderator, bringing everyone together and offering them our greatest asset: our expertise. We deploy this expertise in five steering committees that serve as specialists responsible for the development of the standards.

These steering committees are ideal platforms for cooperation and collaboration, forging strategic alliances and developing shared solutions. At GS1 Germany platforms you will find even more areas in which we are practicing the platform principle – such as the ECR Initiative.

The world at your fingertips – thanks to the global GS1 Germany network

Increasing globalisation makes internationally valid standards a necessity. GS1 Germany offers a great basis for this, because the widespread application of our standards makes them a reliable tool around the world.

It does not matter whether your business partners are located in Rio or Regensburg. With our standards, you will understand each other perfectly. More than 100 GS1 national centres around the globe comprise a network that guarantees security and international validity.

We are also active in numerous international committees, where we represent the interests of German companies, working to promote the international harmonisation of standards.

The strong parallels between the strategic focuses of our work and the objectives of our platforms and networks create potential synergies for the realisation of a sustainable, consumer-oriented and international value chain.