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Are you already a GS1 customer and need more GTINs? Then contact directly antrag @ gs1-germany.de.

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Based on your annual revenue, we determine the annual fee.

I less than 5 million Euro 150.00 Euro Annual fee
II 5 million Euro up to less than 25 million Euro 420.00 Euro Annual fee
III 25 million Euro up to less than 50 million Euro 670.00 Euro Annual fee
IV 50 million Euro up to less than 250 million Euro 1,900.00 Euro Annual fee
V 250 million Euro up to less than 500 million Euro 2,650.00 Euro Annual fee
VI 500 million Euro up to less than 1.25 billion Euro 4,000.00 Euro Annual fee
VII 1.25 billion Euro up to less than 2.5 billion Euro 5,500.00 Euro Annual fee
VIII 2.5 billion Euro up to less than 5 billion Euro 7,000.00 Euro Annual fee
IX 5 billion Euro up to less than 7.5 billion Euro 9,000.00 Euro Annual fee
X 7.5 billion Euro up to less than 10 billion Euro 11,000.00 Euro Annual fee
XI 10 billion Euro up to less than 15 billion Euro 20,000.00 Euro Annual fee
XII 15 billion Euro and above 30,000.00 Euro Annual fee

Benefit from additional services

Order EAN/GTIN list directly with your order* Info

Be directly fit for selling your product variants with your own EAN / GTIN numbers provided in the GTIN-Manager.


GS1 Certificate Info

Subscribe to our certificate and confirm your original EANs / GTINs to business partners and customs authorities.


Free entry in global databases (highly recommended for Amazon, eBay & Co.). Info

We offer a service to register your company information in our databases GEPIR and GS1 Registry. This way retailers and marketplaces can find you as a manufacturer and check the authenticity of your EANs / GTINs.

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